Lyor Cohen, Coldplay Honor MCA

Tributes continue for fallen Beastie Boys member Adam "MCA" Yauch. The rapper/producer/bassist/director died on May 4th following a three-year battle with cancer. The Beasties were one of the most beloved acts in music, and notables ranging from Lyor Cohen to Coldplay acknowledged Yauch's impact.
Coldplay paid tribute to MCA by performing a cover of the Beasties breakthrough 1986 hit "Fight For Your Right (To Party.)" Cohen, the CEO of Warner Music Group and former executive at Def Jam Records, praised Yauch as a person.
"I think Yauch’s legacy was a person that made a significant impact to pop culture,” said Cohen. "Yauch was a curious guy, he was courageous. Not concerned with what everybody thought. Just pure. Willing to make mistakes." "I just want to make sure I tell everyone how much I love them," he added.


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