Monica Supports "Basketball Wives"

While many people have been vocally critical of reality shows like VH1's "Basketball Wives," R&B singer Monica isn't one of them. The star, who also has appeared in a reality series, says that she understands that the "...Wives" are just one representation of one lifestyle.
"I respect the women on 'Basketball Wives' because I think that that’s their truth," she says. "It’s not different then if you take a group of men from a post office [or] you take a group of men from FEDex [or] the music industry; rappers, actors, whatever--and there will be different situations that may speak to each other and some of their situations are more similar. Mine is totally different but I respect them because they use that show as a platform to do other things that they love; they own stores, they own cosmetics, they own so many different things."


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