Paris Hilton Jealous of Kim/Kanye?

Barely-relevant celebutante Paris Hilton is reportedly not at all happy about superstar Kanye West dating her former BFF Kim Kardashian. Rumors are flying that Ms. Hilton thinks Kim was disloyal and forgot who paved the way for her to become the famous for absolutely nothing.
"Kim will always be a sore spot for Paris because she believes that without her Kim wouldn't have the success she has in her life," a source told RadarOnline. "Paris thinks Kim wasn't a loyal friend to her and only used her to gain fame and that she is ungrateful for everything Paris claimed to do for her. Paris is extremely jealous of Kim's success with her reality shows as Paris' last foray in television was a complete flop. Her show on Oxygen was a ratings disaster and didn't get renewed. Adding to Paris' angst is that attention that Kim is getting from dating Kanye. Paris has been dating DJ Afrojack, but he's nowhere near the fame league that Kanye is, and adding to that, the relationship has now cooled. He didn't accompany Paris to Cannes and he didn't go with her to Las Vegas for Memorial Day while he was working in Atlantic City."


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