Shyne Recalls Reconciling With Diddy

Shyne and Diddy smoothed-out their long-standing differences earlier this year, in their first meeting in over a decade. Shyne infamously went to prison following the 1999 New Year's Eve nightclub shooting that also involved Diddy and his then-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez. Shyne says that the two spoke as men--and that the past and the business end of their relationship never came up.
"Nah, that was a man moment. When men get together, it's not about no music, it's not about none of that," he said. "Men sit down and talk about men things. Music didn't come up. I haven't seen the dude in probably 12 years, and 10 of those years were in prison. We had so much to talk about other than music. But you never know. I feel life is about forward movement, and when you're holding on to things, you really can't move. And I try to keep it pushing. That's what that meeting was about. Nobody's perfect and if a man talks to you as a man and as a brother and says to you, "listen, I did this, I did that," and really man up, what could you do?"


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