Waka Flocka Discusses Fame

Waka Flocka Flame has forged a very successful career as a rapper, but the Atlanta recording artist doesn't want to be known as a star. He spoke extensively about his aversions to fame in the current cover story in XXL.
"I don't feel like a celebrity, or this quote-unquote star everybody talk about," he says. "I guess Waka Flocka like a job, honestly. I'm at my job right now, so I gotta do it to my fullest. ... I got a whole label, man. We fire. We the new Wu-Tang, Roc-A-Fella. We what these labels are trying to create right now. We the new Cash Money. Squad! Flockaveli was the return of gangsta. I brought gangsta back, man."
Waka also discussed how the death of his friend Slim Dunkin affected him.
"Dunk died, I couldn't do sh*t four months, almost five moths straight," he reveals. "I couldn't stay down long forever, cause bills gotta be paid, mouths to be fed. But that sh*t took a toll on us, man. Like right now, from December to f*ckin' April...That's how long it took me to bounce back my n*gga. That sh*t crazy."


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