50 Cent Speaks On Brawl

Since seemingly everyone in entertainment has an opinion on the brawl that erupted last week between Drake and Chris Brown, its only fitting that 50 Cent added his two cents to the conversation. The hip hop superstar said that he may not have the details, but he didn't expect that kind of thing to go down.
"I was surprised," admitted 50. "I didn't know what happened. When you see the photos, you're like 'Oh, somebody started bumpin'.'"
"I thought someone hit someone with a bottle. And [instead,] they're throwing it like eh [throwing motion]! That's not...that's not even...I don't know what it even stems from. Is it how you feel about the person? They have in common a connection through [Rihanna]," he added. "Is it disrespect [about] who you are? Or is it about the actual girl? For me, I've been in situations where I've seen that the two lead reasons why you get laid out is over the money, or something to do with the girl."
"It's odd. I didn't really see them being involved in that kind of [thing]," said 50. "When [Drake] says something that was ill...it was always about something that consisted within relationships."
"Chris finna be Rick James out this motherf**ker."


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