Drake Discusses Third Album

Drake put aside his personal drama and spoke to MTV News about his musical growth and what he anticipates will be his focus as he gears up to record his follow-up to 2011's Take Care.
“The music that I make is bigger than the box that people try to put us all in as rappers,” Drake explained. “And people always try and draw me back to that like ‘Nah just rap.’ Nah, I’m good. I like what I do. No one can do what I do, period. That’s how I feel. Nobody can really do what I do, what we do. Including 40 and all the producers that I work with.”
“[There's] nothing necessarily for me to step up and say I want to fight for, but there is a way for me to give moments to the world, and to bear my emotions and hope that I'm remembered as that guy who was able to bring people together," he added. "I want to be that guy. I want to bring people together."


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