Eve Returns To Philly

Rapper Eve performed at Kung Fu Necktie as part of the Reebok Classics concert series. The Philadelphia native took the time to enjoy her hometown, visiting her old high school before performing for a sold-out crowd.
“The Philadelphia music scene was always a part of my life, I guess from the time that I was 11 or 12," Eve said of her early years. "Maybe even younger than that is when I started doing talent shows and things like that."
“Martin Luther King High [School], you know I had fun, but I think more than anything musically, that’s where I kinda honed a lot my cypher skills,” said Eve. “Like every lunch time there was a cypher, every lunch time, and I stayed at other people’s lunch times so I could battle them. So if it did anything for me, I think it was good for my music. That’s I think when the city started to notice me, the blonde girl that rapped – that was my name.”


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