Game Squashes Whoo Kid Beef

Game has been such a peacenik lately.
The rapper known for his numerous feuds since emerging in the early 2000s said last week that he wanted peace between battling stars Chris Brown and Drake, and now he's taken the steps to squash one of his own beefs. The Compton native reached out to G-Unit's DJ Whoo Kid in an effort to end their long-standing feud.
"Hey Whoo Kid, man, you know what it is," Game told Whoo Kid. "I'm telling you, soon as I get off the phone, it's everywhere. Eh, Ron-Ron hit me like, 'Call up the Whoo Kid,' I looked at the man, I had to put my iPhone way back and look at it. I'm like, 'Yo, this n***a just texted me like, 'Call up the Whoo Kid?' F*ck it. Whoo Kid's my dude. I ain't talked to [you] in a while. ... [G-Unit reunion?] If it's an opportunity to make some money, then it's all good. If not, you know 50 [Cent] let his ego go, that's good too but I'm all good. I'm not tripping off nobody until somebody's tripping. Then I'm going to turn it all the way up."


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