Jay-Z Discusses His Place In Hip Hop

Jay-Z is one of the few hip hop elder statesmen still selling big--both on tours and on the charts. Jay announced his teaming with Budweiser for the "Made In America" festival, and as he preps for the big show he took the time to reflect on how his career has unfolded.
The rapper has gone from a being a promising rhymer from Brooklyn who's career was stalled by several false starts to arguably the most well-known hip hop star in the world and a business mogul.
"I'm not jaded by the whole process," he told MTV. "I'm a fan of the journey as well. I see myself as part of the collective of hip hop. I don't see myself as a thing that operates outside of it. So when I do these sort of things [like Budweiser's 'Made In America' Festival], I'm like, 'Man, we've come a long way.'"


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