K. Michelle Vs. MempHitz

After R&B singer K. Michelle, on the debut episode of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," alluded to the 'love of her life' screwing her out of her record deal and abusing her, almost anyone with any knowledge of her history figured she was speaking about her former boyfriend and producer, MempHitz. So did he, apparently, because he took time out from celebrating his one-year anniversary in Paris with his wife Toya Wright to slam K. Michelle via Twitter.
"As I was installing the Teeth, T***ies & Ass you're Flaunting, I forgot to tell you about the Growing Nose I threw in Pinocchio," he tweeted. "Lol @kmichelle. I made you. - Mr. Gepetto."
But for those who expected K. Michelle to get all 'Memphis' on her ex, she took the high road and kept things classy.
"A persons true colors will always show," K. Michelle tweeted shortly thereafter. "Never fight a battle that God already won for u. I'm still standing."


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