Kendrick Lamar Defends Nicki Minaj?

Everyone in hip hop is weighing on Nicki Minaj, Hot 97, Peter Rosenberg and the ongoing controversy surrounding Minaj's cancelling her performance at the major hip hop festival Summer Jam. Rosenberg, of Hot 97, blasted Minaj for her pop music prior to her scheduled appearance. During his rant, Rosenberg made sure to give props to 'real hip hop' like Kendrick Lamar. Speaking about the incident, Lamar told Power 105.1?s The Breakfast Club that he didn't know what was happening before he took the stage.
"Man, I was backstage I didn't even know that, that was going on onstage," he revealed. He also added that he completely understood why Nicki was offended.
"I would be hot, she got all the right reasons to be [upset] and do all that she did," he said, before adding, "I'd still perform though."


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