Lil Kim Did Not Diss Drake

Lil Kim's reps are denying reports that the Queen Bee dissed Drizzy Drake during an interview with the Phoenix Times earlier this week. The initial story claimed that Lil Kim questioned Drake's manhood in the wake of his now-infamous bottle-throwing brawl in New York City last week.
"Drake's a bottom - y'all know what I mean when I say that," Kim allegedly said. "What I know about Drake is he is b*tch-made. Meaning he's an instigator, and a p*ssy. He had no issue stepping to Lil Kim, I'm like five feet tall. But he didn't try stepping to Chris, a man, because he's simply a coward."
Kim's publicist is saying that the story is 100% fraudulent.
"As it pertains to the story that was allegedly posted by the Phoenix Times, I would like to inform fans, media, and the general public,that the fictitious editorial is just that," says her publicist. "My client did not participate in any interview with the Phoenix Times or anyone else for that matter. As Kim's publicist, I oversee all media matters and have never arranged anything with the Phoenix Times. Please disregard this nonsense and any other foolishness."


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