Nicki Minaj Addresses Lil Kim Rumors

Nicki Minaj is still sharing her side of the story regarding her Hot 97 Summer Jam cancellation. Now, the Young Money superstar is addressing rumors that she planned to stage a mock Lil Kim funeral at the show. Kim tweeted about Minaj planning to bring veteran femcee (and former Kim rival) Foxy Brown onstage and accused Nicki of copying a similar performance recently where Kim brought out Eve and Missy.
"I reached out to her a few months ago […] [Foxy Brown] has always been a part of my line up and I’ve known I was doing summer Jam for maybe a year now, so people are very crazy to think that this is something that I just decided to do," Nicki told The Breakfast Club. "I’ve just always really loved her. I’ve always made it known how much I loved her and Lauryn Hill, and so when she found out about the drama, I thought she was going to be disappointed but instead she called me and was like ‘Yo Nick, I am riding with you, we are all here and were not leaving this hotel, we support your decision”, and that was how we all went out. Everyone came out to dinner with me that night and everyone supported the decision. Everyone was like. ‘Yo, Wayne was completely right and we made the right move.’"
Nicki wouldn't even let DJ Envy ask her about the mock funeral rumors.
"I don’t even want you to finish that sentence because that’s not in my character and that’s ridiculous," Nicki stated. "Lets stop with all the rumors that are giving people false hope that they are relevant please. I’m not about to bring death on my stage, my stage is about life and love and that’s it, PERIOD. It was about us bigging up each other, myself and Foxy. No one, who is irrelevant was going to be made relevant on my stage."


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