Peter Rosenberg Replies To Lil Wayne

Radio personality Peter Rosenberg addressed Lil Wayne's statements regarding Hot 97's Summer Jam and Rosenberg's criticisms of Nicki Minaj. Earlier this week, Wayne explained his decision to have YMCMB's Minaj cancel her performance at Summer Jam as his reaction to Rosenberg's 'disrespect' of Minaj as a woman and as an artist. But Rosenberg scoffed at Wayne's reasoning that 'women should be respected at all times,' and dismissed what he felt was hypocrisy on Wayne's part.
"Lil Wayne thinks that I don't show respect for women," said Rosenberg said live on the air. "Wayne is right about something--Women are mothers, are sisters, are daughters. But I have a question. Is me giving my opinion that one song is wack, is that showing a lack of respect for women? ... I don't know if Weezy F. should be giving me lessons on respect for women. Weezy F.--the F doesn't stand for feminist, alright. ... Clearly the logical thing is let's get the word of respect for women from the woman at the center of it all...clearly Nicki Minaj, she understands respect for women. Instead of talking to everyone else about Hot 97, how about the good people at Young Money just come on down and come see us and talk to us?"


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