T.I. Endorses Chief Keef Signing

T.I. had nothing but praise and congratulations upon learning of Chicago rapper Chief Keef signing with Interscope. The Grand Hustle head had lobbied hard for Keef to join his imprint, but felt that Keef did whatever he felt was best for his situation.
"Chief Keef, I feel like he represents a part of America," T.I. told MTV News. "He represents a part of the youth in America that ain't really got a voice right now. We looking at 'em, and we're seeing the results of their actions, but we ain't really listening to 'em, and I think you gotta have a representative of each generation in order to understand what they dealing with."
"The opportunity existed, but I never put my own personal wishes before the best interest of the next person," T.I. said. "I'm just happy that he's able to do whatever's best for him and his family and to move forward as a person and to progress in life. As long as he's doing that, I'm happy."


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