Fabolous Offers "Loso's Way 2" Update

Fabolous has been prepping hisLoso's Way 2 album for what seems like an eternity, and the New York rhymer offered up a reason for the project's delays. While stating that the album should be dropping late this year, Fab made it clear that this album is a clear step forward for him.
"I gave that music just to keep the people fed. At some point they get starved, like, we need some music, so I gave them the ['There Is No Competition 3'], and since then I've been working on the album," Fab said.
"The whole process in between that, I've just been working on the album and getting it ready. The release should be top of fall," he continued. "This one is really growth and evolution. I think people know what I do -- they know I've been in the game for a minute, but you gotta continuously show that growth and show that you're bringing something. It's the same thing, it's the same steps over and over again, but you gotta make it look new."


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