Thursday, July 12, 2012

Frank Ocean Confirms Target Ban

Frank Ocean's debut albumChannel Orange is not being sold in Target stores due to Def Jam's making the album available early via iTunes. The reasoning was confirmed despite the singer's manager initially insinuating that the company banned the album because of Ocean's coming out as a bisexual last week.
"Target has refused to carry Frank's album because of iTunes exclusive," the singer's manager, Christian Clancy, wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted. "Interesting since they also donate to non-equal rights organizations."
Nonetheless, Ocean confirmed that the album won't be sold at Target.
"Album won't be available at target," he tweeted. "Blame it on a generational gap. best buy on deck though."

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Imani Wisdom said...

Target is not a stranger dealing with civil right issues. They were in this type of controversy before.

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