Game Involved In Brawl With 40Glocc

Rappers Game and 40 Glocc were reportedly involved in a fight at a Los Angeles mansion party early yesterday (July 8th.) Allegedly Game and more than a dozen members of his entourage attacked 40 Glocc. Game released footage of the attack, with firearms reportedly being drawn during the melee.
"A Fuck N***uh That's That Sh*t I Don't Like" bang bang "A Snitch N***h That's That Sh*t I Don't Like," Game tweeted following the altercation. "Iphone in my left hand..... Mayweather'n this n***a with my right !!! #AtTheSameDamnTime"
40 responded with his own take on the incident.
"Stop jumpin a n***a & not knockin a n***a out! Give that head up! LoL," he tweeted in response. "I just got jump, see wht happen when u passive wit weeniesz! Lol, The weenie recorded it, let see how he edit it."
"Lol! N***az pulled burners on me to jump me! Lol. It don't get no pu**ier then that! #ZooLife," 40 added.


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