R. Kelly's Still A Jay-Z Fan

In a recent interview, R&B singer/songwriter R. Kelly stated that he bears no ill will towards hip hop superstar Jay-Z--despite their well-publicized falling out several years ago. The two collaborated on The Best of Both Worlds and Unfinished Businessalbums, which culminated in a 2004 tour that infamously ended with R. Kelly claiming that he was attacked by Jay-Z affiliates.
But Kelly says that has nothing to do with how he views Jay today.
"Absolutely; huge fan," Kelly told MTV News. "I love a good marriage — I love love. Anything that works for me, anything that feels good to my soul, that feels like this is what I should do, I'm gonna do it."
"I don't care what it is, who it's with," he continued. "As long as it's positive and it works for both parties, I'm with it."


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