Rosa Acosta "Happy" For Amber Rose

Rosa Acosta famously shared a smooch with her busty BFF Amber Rose last year, and the vixen says that she couldn't be happier for her homegirl and her relationship with hip hopper Wiz Khalifa. In an interview with SOHH, Acosta had nothing but positivity for the lovebirds and says no one deserves it more than Amber.
"I think it's amazing. I'm very happy for her and she's just an amazing girl," Acosta said. "I've had the opportunity to meet her in person and share moments with her and know the real Amber not only the person you always see on camera or the personality that the media actually gives you. She's such a nice girl and I wish her the best and I think they make a great couple. God bless her and I'm really happy."


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