Beanie Sigel Disputes Memphis Bleek Comments

Despite rapper Memphis Bleek's claims in a recent interview that he had reached out to his former Roc-A-Fella Records labelmate Beanie Sigel, Beans is claiming that he hasn't heard from Bleek at all. Sigel is preparing to enter prison for the next eighteen months, and says that Bleek has not uttered a word to him.
"Memphis Bleek ain't never reach out to me or try to reach out to me," Sigel told XXL. "I brought Memphis Bleek to my neighborhood. Memphis Bleek been to my mother's house. He ate from my mother's food. So, if he wanted to reach out to me, I ain't a hard person to find. I ain't a hard person to find at all. But, I don't have no gripe with Bleek. There's no gripe with Bleek. That's like my brother. We came into the game together. We grew up together in the music business. I don't have no gripe with him."


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