Curren$y Reveals Album TItle

in a recent interview, rapper Curren$y explained to AllHipHop his approach for his next solo album, which is slated to be released through Warner Music. According to Curren$y, the project will be called Immaculary, and will be a step forward for him, musically.
"Immaculary - that's what it's gonna be [titled]," he said. "It'll be like The Stoned Immaculate, but it won't be Stoned Immaculate. It is though - it's Immaculary. It's gonna be tight."
Curren$y also discussed over-saturating.
"No [I don't feel I'm over-saturating the market] because Max B was my favorite, and Max B had so much music and I never was like, sad 'cus there was a [new] Max B record on the Internet," he said. "[I was never like,] 'I don't want to download another one' - I would always do it. I feel like for people that are into my shit, it must be pretty tight for me to keep doing that. I like weed; it'd be tight if the weed man came to my house and was like, 'I know I just brought you an ounce, but here's another one' - 'Nah dawg, please I don't want all of this.' I'm gonna use it eventually; they gonna listen to this shit, so it's no problem."


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