Nicki Minaj Ready To Battle Lil Wayne

Nicki Minaj issued a playful challenge to her Young Money captain, Lil Wayne. With Wayne launching his Trukfit clothing line and Nicki also planning to throw her hat into the fashion game; Minaj says that Wayne should be scared of her as competition.
"The other day, me and Wayne were bashing each other. He was telling me that my clothing line better not copy off of his clothing line. And I was like, "Excuse me?" And he was just like bragging about his clothing line is at Macy's and we were just cracking up laughing. It's like, I'm so super proud of this man," she said. "I feel like there's nothing he can't do. Everything he does, he wins at it. His clothing line - my guy friends, you know, are already rocking Trukfit. It's interesting because things really happen overnight nowadays but, best believe, when my clothing line comes, I'm going to blow him out the park and he's probably going to be coming asking me for a job."
"I got this on tape! The Barbz will be able to see the full, full Nicki Minaj vs. Lil Wayne clothing line clash convo on tape for them to witness. It's gonna be really, really fun," Minaj added. "He's super-duper supportive and I told him that the next time I go to Macy's, I'm going to spend like a billion dollars - I don't care what I have on my credit card or in my pocketbook, I'm gonna buy every last ounce of Trukfit in the store. And he was like, "Yeah, I'm not sending you no Trukfit, I'm not sending it to you for free - you gotta go buy it, you gotta support!" And you know what, Wayne? Fine, I'm gonna support."


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