Rick Ross Discusses Young Jeezy

Rick Ross and fellow hip hop star Young Jeezy have had well-documented differences in the past. In 2010, Jeezy criticized Ross' claims that he was affiliated with the notorious Black Mafia Family on Ross' track "B.M.F.," but it seems like their feud has cooled in recent months. Nonetheless, Ross didn't exactly embrace the idea of possibly collaborating with The Snowman.
"You know where I'm at and the position I'm in right now, I don't have no beef with nobody. I'm chasing that crown right now," he said. "Right now ain't the time for that. We staying focused. I'm always 'bout business; that's why I'm here."
"I haven't taken nothin' personal since I came in the game and I think if you in this business and plan on having longevity in this you shouldn't take nothin' personal...ain't nobody stepped on my Jordans yet, not out here," Ross added. "As far as I'm concerned, bring that money bag, let's shake the world up, that's what Double M-G is about."


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