Usher's Lifestyle Questioned In Court

Tameka Foster and Usher Raymond are back battling in court over the custody of their two son. Kevin Frazier shared some tidbits about their hearing this week, and revealed that the court questioned Usher's superstar playboy lifestyle.
The court showed photos of Usher and asked him questions such as “what were you doing in this situation with this women,” seemingly implying that his behavior could make him an unfit parent.
Usher also apparently told Tameka to get on with her life, romantically. ”I told her [Tameka foster] that I felt like she should move on with her life and she should see other people," he said in a recording; addressing the possibility of other men being around his kids with: “As long as your the responsible parent… I know that you will make a good judgement and you have to move on with your life.”
Sounds like Ush took the high-road, but this isn't going to be over any time soon.


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