Wiz Khalifa Goes Glam On Album Cover

Wiz Khalifa debuted the album cover for his upcoming LPO.N.I.F.C. (Only N***a In First Class), and some fans seemed to have mixed feelings about the retro-glam look the Pittsburgh rapper is sporting in the artwork. Nonetheless, stylist Fatima B. explained what she and Wiz were going for with the aesthetic.
"I can understand both sides of people getting it or not getting it," she tells The BoomBox. "It's like Kelis [paving the way with her style] six years ago and you see all these artists now [mimicking it]."
"If you see how Wiz dresses now, it already gives you this whole hippie feel," Fatima adds. "This whole '70s vibe. This sleazy, rockstar-type image. This is what we wanted it to be and we wanted people to see the transition from how Wiz used to dress, up until now. This is where we're at with the album, the music. It all goes together."


Anonymous said…
LMAO this nigga look like Chris Tucker from 5th Element

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