Sean Paul Recalls Beyonce Rumors

Sean Paul dug up some old dirt in a recent interview with MTV. The dancehall star was at the center of a little rumored controversy about a decade ago, when he filmed the video for Beyonce's hit single "Baby Boy." He and Bey were filmed seperately, and for some reason, when Paul failed to perform the song with Beyonce at the 2003 VMAs, somehow it got out that it was because her boyfriend-at-the-time Jay-Z didn't like how close Paul was getting to his girl.
"The whole direction of the video was sold to me as, 'You're in a dream world,'" Sean Paul told "RapFix Live." "It was not a big deal to me, but it really blew up into crazy stuff."
"That's a rumor that started. I've known Jay-Z from before I knew her," he said.
"The general public blew it up in certain things. I just remained quiet about it for years because it was doing its work. There was just a lot of controversy," he said. "She's an amazing artist, the song was at #1 for like nine weeks, so that was a very special time for me and for dancehall."


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