Shyne Calls Out Game For His "Boo"

Shyne and Game. Game and Shyne.
The two rappers have been sparring via Twitter for what seems like ages now. Why? Because Shyne said he didn't like Kendrick Lamar's album. Not Game's--Kendrick Lamar's. That bit of info is important, because in his latest series of disses, Shyne questioned Game's loyalty to his fellow Compton rhymer.
"@thegame are u gay? Get off my time line wit all that gay talk. #judas the homo thug!," Shyne tweeted. "@thegame Now I get it...the Lamar kid is your girl that's why u was on that captain save hooker. U had defend your boo! Coward"
"@thegame don't bring no security or police with u on that European tour. #hooker" he added.


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