Nicki Minaj Goes Topless On Twitter

Nicki Minaj got the Web all hot 'n bothered the other day (June 20th) by posting a photo of herself topless on Twitter. The rap superstar is in the photo with her hands covering her breasts, but it was enough skin to get her Barbz worked up.
"lol, that was at my W cover shoot last year =) sit barbz!" she tweeted after fans noticed wedding dresses in the background of the shot.
"lol, its so not that serious. i hate the barbz for this," she added, and responded to a follower who asked for "a bite," with "sure can barbz come on!!!"
"One boob at a time barbz say ahhhhh!!!!" she continued playfully. "I only breast feed the barbz. U NOT A BARBIE ITS #NUNAYAF**KINBEEZWAX"


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