Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cover Of King Magazine: Nicki Minaj Says She Likes Her Men "Super Aggresive" [Photos]

King magazine has finally received the cover shot for the Queen of Hip-Hop, as Nicki Minaj will show off her assets in the Spring 2011 edition.
Nicki Minaj has taken over the game not only with her lyrics but with her body as well, and King magazine intends to showing off every part of Nicki.
On top of a sexy photo shoot, Nicki has a sit down Q&A with the magazine and speaks about her love of films, what kind of film she would love to act in, and how to approach Nicki if you want to wife her.
How should your Ken bring out the freak in you, Barbie?
Just being super aggressive when the time is right.
Are we talking about Mortal Kombat–style “Come here” aggression?
Just something that makes me feel like they're in control, when we are behind closed doors

While the magazine is not set to hit the stores until the beginning of 2011, you can check a sneak peek of the photo-shoot by clicking the page #'s below.




M said...

wow....nice cover..check my new blog out www.freshandsavvy.com

Imani said...

Too bad I can't high five her now cause I fully agree with her....

I love to be in control, but every now and then, I want a man to be aggressive. I want him to show me who's in control. Now, I don't mean doing some trifling shit, like pissing on me. Just some spanking, holding my hands on the bed, or doing some rough kissing.....So yeah, Nicki is right!

Anonymous said...

too bad you're ugly

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