Interview with Anowa Adjah + Her JawDropper (The Nigerian Powerhouse) Video

The Nigerian Powerhouse

How are you? Im great, grinding as usual!
How is your day going so far? Its going well, its been a very productive day!
What got you into fitness? Well, Ive been an athlete since the age of 6. I played basketball, field hockey,and track & field in highschool and part of college so thats how I got involved in fitness.
How has fitness changed your life? Fitness has always been a major part of my life, my mother was a Track and Field athlete and 2 of my sisters and brother were also star athletes. Fitness was almost as natural as Breathing!It was also a way for me to keep busy and stay out of the streets. I can say it played a major part in my recent accomplishments because it gave me a "NEVER QUIT" attitude! Fitness has definitely changed my life as a whole. My mission is directed towards self-image and empowerment, so it definitely plays a major part in what Im currently doing!
Are you a gym rat? Well... I don't think so?! I workout about 3-4 times a week for about 2 hours !
Would you mess with a guy who wasn't in the gym? Yes, as long as he takes care of himself! Good Health and Oral Hygiene is definitely important to me!
Does it make sex better? YES! Stamina is definitely important in a healthy sex life!
Where do you plan on taking fitness? I plan to release workout dvds, and embark on a new fitness apparel line dedicated to curvier women and Health/Wellness Seminars and Workshops! Hopefully, I will be able to share my message on a platform like a Talk Show!
Will you come out with videos, calendars? Yes, Of course! Look out for it in the near future!!
Where can people find out more about you? You can visit my website,


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
i wanna marry her yo
Anonymous said…
nice ass :)
Anonymous said…
We shouldn't defile women like that....but I'd wear that thang ouutttttttttt
Anonymous said…
I get the fact she is trying to show us she is fit BUT does she have to have her pussy damn near hanging out while she does it? I would never take her serious as a business woman, just another groupie or jump off. Women who want to have a talk show dont have their pussy hanging out while trying to promote her business unless she is a prostitute. She has the skills to be a Jane Fonda, however, with videos like these she will never be.

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