Busta Rhymes Is Unsigned?

Busta Rhymes Is Unsigned?
Busta Rhymes doesn't have a record deal. This according to his manager Chris Lighty, who spoke about the high visibility of several artists who don't technically have record deals. Busta was previously affiliated with Universal Motown, but is apparently no longer on the label that had been his recording home since 2008.
"Down the line, as we move with that relationship, you never know what can happen. We'll see how that works out," Lightly said, discussing unsigned artists on the airwaves. "Nothing's set it stone or promised. But if you look at Hot 97 historically, if you have a hot record in the streets bubbling...We have Uncle Murda right now, he has a record on Hot 97 and he isn't signed. Guess what? Busta Rhymes isn't signed right now either [Laughs]."


Anonymous said…
busta has been sign to YOUNG MONEY for like 3 months now but they just haven't put it out there yet.!! watch it will be out there soon.!!

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