South Beach Urban Week Under Fire

South Beach Urban Week Under Fire
Following a deadly shooting on South Beach during Urban Week, there is an investigation as to what exactly happened that led to one man being killed, three police officers and four bystanders being injured. The officers fired at the man's car after he reportedly struck an officer with his vehicle during a three-block chase.
A gun was not found in the car, however, or on the victim.
According to South Beach Police chief Carlos Noriega, there may have been other passengers who fired at police before exiting the car. The violence and unrest has led to criticism of Urban Week, something that has been ongoing since the event's debut in 2001. Miami Beach Commissioner has began suggesting that the event be discontinued and replace with something along the lines of a jazz festival.
"I think we need to take back the city for the residents," said Miami Beach Commissioner Jerry Libbin. "It's just not right that people live in fear."


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