Flavor Flav On Drug Addiction

Flavor Flav On Drug Addiction:
Flavor Flav's troubles with addiction are well-documented. The Public Enemy hypeman is no longer abusing illegal substances, but struggled for much of the 90s with drug use. He spoke candidly to XXL about what it was like battling those demons and why he wants to open up about his troubled past.
"I [was] a drug addict for 18 years; only six years clean. The worst mistake I ever made was experimenting with drugs. I was always more of a follower instead of a leader. Being around the hood, you're following, you always wanna have a big name for yourself and you don't wanna be no punk. Whatever my friends were doing I chose to do."
"It was the worst experiment that I could do in my life, but would I change it to this day?" Flav asked rhetorically. "No. The reason why is because I got to learn about addiction. I got to live through all of that, so that way I could be able to teach about it and hopefully people learn how I made my mistakes and they [don't] make the same mistakes that I made."


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