Somaya Reece On Latina Rappers

Somaya Reece On Latina Rappers:
Rapper/model Somaya Reece recently shared her perspective regarding the very small amount of Hispanic female rappers around the industry. There have been virtually no Latina rappers to make much national noise--outside of Angie Martinez, who's arguably more known as a radio personality than as an emcee. But Reece says that she is in a prime position to change things.
"I don't know why, that's so crazy, I've been asked that in all my interviews," Reece told SOHH. "I guess it's me. That's why I'm here...We actually do have one, she's in the Latin world. You may have to Google her. Her name is Ivy Queen and she's like the queen of Latin rap. She's like our goddess of Latin rap and reggaeton. She's like a really ill spitter and it's crazy. She's an older woman now but she's somebody that's really big for us. I just know that I'm definitely putting it down for the Latinas and I'm doing a very unique style of music. I'm grateful that we had someone come out with a heavy Latin influence and then we had Big Pun, Fat Joe, Joell Ortiz. I'm happy that there's more of us out there but as far as [the lack of] females, I don't know why but I know that I'm here now."


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