Game Apologized To Tyra Banks

Game Apologized To Tyra Banks
Rapper Game says he apologized to model/television star Tyra Banks for making jokes about her rather prominent forehead some years back on his single "Higher." Game made a name for himself beefing with everyone from fellow rappers 50 Cent and Yukmouth to model Melyssa Ford. But he's been trying to change his image lately.
Sort of.
"I had [my publicist] send over some flowers [with a card] that said, 'Sorry about the fo'head joke,'" Game revealed. "But we put 'Fo', f-o, head. Fo' head. We joked about it, but she said she had never heard it -- but somebody told her about it. But it was all good man. And you know, her forehead wasn't that big in real life. It was there, but it wasn't as big. But nothing but love for Tyra."


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