Kat Stacks Deportation To Continue

Kat Stacks Deportation To Continue
It looks like the scourge of 2009-2010, hip hop supergroupie Kat Stacks, may actually be on her way out of the country. A judge order her deportation case to proceed as planned. She had an immigration hearing this past Tuesday (June 21.)
Stacks has been in jail in Tennessee since November, after a promoter had her taken into custody for stealing money. Stacks was born Andrea Herrera in Venezuela.
The notorious groupie did keep her followers updated on the proceedings via her Twitter page and remained as obnoxiously defiant as ever. "lol @ media . the judge still allowed me to appeal his desicion" she tweeted. "im still in ameriKKKa living off yall tax money."
"aint going no mothaf*ckin' where ima keep appealing my case until this b*tches release me," she added.


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