Lil Duval Lands MTV Show

Lil Duval Lands MTV Show
Comedian Lil' Duval is prepping a new television show with MTV. The show focuses on the comedian's travels across the country. The as-yet-untitled program will give hip hop fans a look at the country as filtered through the eyes of one of their favorite comedians.
"We stay on the road trying to make the world laugh, the whole country, staying on the road doing what I do best,” Lil Duval told AllHipHop. “I shot a couple of films and I got the show with MTV that we just finished, hopefully that will be out by August. It’s a travel show and we go to places you don’t normally see ni**as. I get tired of people thinking that the only thing there is to do is go to the club, so I try to show another side to let people know there’s other stuff out there."
He also spoke a little about his incarcerated friend, rapper T.I.
“I think he ate breakfast this morning," Lil Duval said. "He’s in jail. He gets out this year, so when he gets out, he gonna do the damn thing. So it is what it is, sh*t…. what can he do?”


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