Method Man On Father's Day

Method Man On Father's Day:
Method Man shared his always-interesting perspective on Father's Day [video here]. The Wu-Tang Clan rapper said that he feels fathers don't get anywhere near the amount of love and respect they deserve. He also said that Father's Day is downplayed in the commercial marketplace, unlike Mother's Day.
"You know what’s so f**ked up about Father’s Day? It’s so f**ked up that I’ll give you a prime example. Dad usually holds down all the bills, keeps the lights on, everything. Put the food in the house, he go out and f**kin’ fight for the bread and all that sh*t and bring it home to the family, go out and kill the moose, drag that sh*t back on his motherf**kin’--back so his wife can cook it,” he said. “When Mother’s Day come around, they get mugs, they give ‘em flower pots, all kinds of dope sh*t. You know what dads get? We get that little construction paper tie. It’s not a big deal. Mother’s Day, first 50 ladies in free at the club. It’s Mother’s Day. Father’s Day, you don’t get that sh*t.”
“Father’s Day sucks. We deserve way more credit,” he continued. “As far as the market goes, they about to drop Father’s Day because they don’t really make no money. But Mother’s Day, that’s up there. That’s tops.”


Anonymous said…
It would be more recognized if more Dads stepped up to the plate...
Mrz_King10 said…
Maybe your fam don't appreciate you but there are a bunch of families that do a lot for the fathers. And another thing get up to date my nigga cuz the women these days are the ones bringing the money home as well. Women get so much appreciation because MOST of the mothers out there are doing it alone and would be lucky if the father would even stop by to see his kid.

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