Talib Kweli Working On Book, Album

Talib Kweli Working On Book, Album
Talib Kweli is working on a new book while touring and working on his upcoming album. The Brooklyn rapper isn't giving too many details about the album, Prisoner of Conscious; but revealed that he has a full slate of activity for the remainder of the year.
“This is how I make my money. On the road, having Blacksmith music, making music, working on my book, and other things that I am working on. I enjoy being on the road and writing this book and other things I am involved in,” Talib Kweli told AllHipHop. “I enjoy being on the road and the essence of MCing is the Master of Ceremony. In order to master the ceremony, you have to be at the ceremony."
Talib also spoke about his relationship with Mos Def and the status of the long-awaited Black Star reunion.
“I think what it is with him is really trying to explore ownership and really trying to explore the best way for us to put out an album that is based on the creative love for the music, rather than based on the demand from the fans," Talib said. "As much as this is a business, music is not made because of supply and demand. Music is made from your heart, and we just got to do it because its right and not just because there is a demand for it. But I want to hear it too.” Talib Kweli expects to release Prisoner of Conscious later this summer.


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