Raekwon On Learning From Mistakes

Raekwon On Learning From Mistakes:
Raekwon recently shared his perspective on longevity and how he's had to learn from the mistakes he made earlier in his career and life. For the acclaimed Wu-Tang lyricist, his success has been hard fought--but he's thankful that he's had the opportunity to take the lessons and apply them.
"I learned about myself and how important my brand is as a person and as a company," Rae says. "I definitely won’t allow myself to fall short on any kind of failure. Based on all the experiences I have in life, especially in this music business, that these are the times you gotta know."
“I realize my powers and where I went wrong with certain things and where I’m able to fix things and that’s all I’ve been working on for the last five years, is self-preservation," he continued. "Not depending on anybody to make my career be more than what it is. It’s like, it’s just about me. What you wanna do, Rae? That was something I had to just go through, know what I mean?”


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