Rihanna In Video Controversy

Rihanna In Video Controversy
Rihanna is stuck in the middle of yet another controversy. And once again, it involves the Parents Television Council. The PTC previously criticized the singer for a sexually-charged primetime performance with fellow pop star Britney Spears at the 2011 Billboard Awards. Now, the organization is balking at Rihanna's video for "Man Down." In the clip, Rihanna shoots a rapist. [video here]
The PTC has a problem with the violent imagery--even mentioning you-know-who in a tweet blasting the video.
“Rihanna's personal story and status as a celebrity superstar provided a golden opportunity for the singer to send an important message to female victims of rape and domestic violence," the organization said via statement. "Instead of telling victims they should seek help, Rihanna released a music video that gives retaliation in the form of premeditated murder the imprimatur of acceptability."
Then the statement added this little zinger:
"If Chris Brown shot a woman in his new video and BET premiered it, the world would stop. Rihanna should not get a pass."
No idea what kind of point the PTC is looking to make by bringing up Chris Brown.


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