Ameriie Talks New Album

Ameriie Talks New Album
R&B singer Ameriie shared some details about her upcoming album Cymatika Vol. 1 and how her recent marriage has shaped her approach and creative outlook. She reveals that she's in a completely different state of mind this time around.
"This particular album is different as far as the subject matter," Ameriie says. "I kind of went in a place I didn't go before. Relationships are very important to talk about but I also want to go a little deeper in to what it is that makes us human and what we have in common. Not just only from a romantic aspect, but what it is that makes us tick. I consider myself to be a very spiritual person. I love science, I love quantum physics and metaphysics. I just wanted to put that into my music."
"You can figure out how to include anything in music, you just [have] to make sure it sounds good," she continued. "I don't like to be too preachy, so a lot of the stuff is subliminal or it has such a driving beat so that if you don't want to hear the message, you don't have to. You'll either recognize what it is immediately because you're into the same thing or you want to investigate it further."


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