Drake Discusses "Take Care"

Drake Discusses ''Take Care''
Drake says fans should be prepared for more uber-emoting on his upcoming album, Take Care. The rapper known for sharing his feelings says that he's going to be even more raw on his sophomore album than he was on his introspective debut Thank Me Later.
"The album might bring me a world of problems because I think I finally have a grasp on who I am and who I want to be," Drake says in an interview. "I'm just really talking that sh*t. I'm really saying what I feel. I think the goal for me this album was to dig even deeper. Somebody told me, 'Ah, I love your lyrics -- but I know there's more. It's almost like I feel you're giving circus raps and people are taking them as the deepest thoughts ever.' So what I did for this album is try and really capture this moment in time at the most honest place I can. So however it ends up, I'm ready for the world right now. I'm about whatever."


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