Drake & Kreayshawn Like To Flirt

Drake & Kreayshawn Like To Flirt
Drake and newcomer Kreayshawn shared their mutual admiration for each other in a recent radio interview. But things got a little more interesting when the two started getting a little flirty during the broadcast.
"I honestly get excited when new things happen in hip-hop and when I heard 'Gucci Gucci,' I heard the flows, I was excited before I even knew who she was," Drake said during an interview with Invasion Radio. "And you know I got to hear a little bit more of the music beyond that and then to meet her and the energy that she has is great. She's just a great person. She's good people. That's my dog."
"Anytime she's ready. I got bars on deck for that," he said, also adding that she's a "little cutie pie."
"You're not so bad yourself there, Mr. Regularly Handsome," Kreayshawn responded.


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