Jeezy Subliminally Dissed Rick Ross?

Jeezy Subliminally Dissed Rick Ross?
Jeezy claimed he didn't have any reason to feud with Rick Ross when he was asked about Rozay in a recent interview. But Jeezy also took a not-so-subtle dig at the Miami rapper when explaining his own authenticity.
"We can agree to disagree," Jeezy said. "But if it's a problem, I ain't hard to find. I said what I said, I ain't see no harm in that...In my heart, I'm 100 percent real. You can't pull out nothing in my past that can say I'm not 100 percent real. If you speak on it and that's what you doing, just speaking on it, it's entertainment. I'm not gonna argue with a grown man about me. That might put me in a box."


Anonymous said…
At the end of the day who really cares...

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