Amber Rose Complains About Bloggers?

Amber Rose Complains About Bloggers?
Amber Rose is sick of bloggers making up stuff about her. Not sure what they've been 'making up,' actually--but she claims the blogosphere conspires to embarrass her. The buxom beauty says that most write stories without ever caring how her life is affected.
"Worst thing I read about myself, are the countless rumors that are just made up off the top of someone's head," Rose says. "They don't care about my life or my livelihood. They were just like 'Oh there's nothing going on in the world, let's make up something about Amber, post it and everyone in the world believed it.'"
Rose says that, despite the casual nudity, and Public Displays of Affection with Wiz Khalifa--she's really an introvert.
"I do not like attention at all," claims Rose. "I don't like to be out there. It seems like that because the paparazzi follows me and I'll get photographed, but I'm always kind of like really low key and they just catch me. I always try to go another way so I'm not bothered or out there. I'm really shy."


Mafi said…
bitch that's watch you get for putting it all out there or having some fool take pictures of your vagina!!

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