Jessica White's Secret Weapon

Jessica White's Secret Weapon
Model Jessica White continues to be a champion for celibacy. The Sports Illustrated hottie has been previously linked with everyone from R&B heartthrob Trey Songz to Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn, but she says she's put her goodies away and no one is getting 'em any time soon.
She says she wants women to realize the power of parts.
"I’m not saying it so that all women can rally behind me and say, ‘Okay, yeah a vow of celibacy,'" White says. "I’m basically saying this to give women the strength to understand that we do connect physically too soon at times and it isn’t worth it. Make the man wait and if he’s worth it then he will wait for you. There’s no greater power in the world than that of a woman’s vagina. You hold the key to everything! Women, we are so strong! It took me so long to figure that out but I realized just how strong a woman is. The sensuality and the power that we have…if we withhold you can get that man to do whatever you want him to."
"I’m not saying it’s easy!" she added. "Not by any means, it is very difficult. My daddy used to tell my sisters. “Once you pop you can’t stop,” but it’s worth it, it is definitely worth it. I’m keeping my power to myself and my glow. I’m not giving anybody my glow anymore."


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