Amber Rose Hacked?

Amber Rose Hacked?
Amber Rose became the latest celeb to be victimized by Twitter hacking. The vixen's account on the popular networking site was invaded by an imposter this weekend, who sent out malicious tweets indicating that she and her current boyfriend Wiz Khalifa were experiencing relationship problems.
"@RealWizKhalifa f*ck you you b*tch a** n*gga ! Its over. U aint sh*t, just like that @kanyewest b*tch a** ! #n*ggasaintsh*t #backtogirls4me," one of the phony tweets read. "I'm COMPLETELY done with MEN!!!!!!"
As soon as Rose discovered the tweets, she notified her followers that she was not the one sending the angry messages.
"OMG! Someone Hacked my twitter!!! Changing password now Sorry Rosebuds," she tweeted.


Anonymous said…
Who gives a f@$&!!

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